Alternatives to Selling Your NFT and Using Them As Collateral

It is not always a good idea to sell your NFTs. Another option is to use your NFTs to obtain an nft loans. The NFT market will become a major part of crypto industry in 2021. The $12.6 billion spent on NFTs is an unprecedented amount. This represents an increase of $162.4 millions over the previous year. The industry has grown 200x since then. According to the hype Jack Dolsey, Twitter’s first tweeter, sold for $2.9 million. Other high-end NFT sales included the Merge which sold for $91.8m, and Everyday for $69.3m. NFT sales have become the new drug in the digital economy. The hype and popular media are not the complete story.

NFT Selling: Problems

It is not the best way to make money using NFTs. It’s not as lucrative as you might think. OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, provided data. These statistics showed significant flaws in NFT sales. These problems can be attributed to excessive fees or gross inequality.


33.6% is the highest percentile of NFT seller. Their NFTs are sold at $100 and less. The 1.8% that sell their NFTs for less than 0.5ETH make the most money. This is much lower than the recommended sell-price. It is not possible to find the percentile of NFT market participants with the highest income. This perspective shows NFTs cannot live up to their promises to decentralization and the promise that artists will have equal opportunities to win big. NFT money is concentrated in the pockets of very few people, just like the 10% of global wealth owners who control 85%. Google handles 92% percent of all internet search queries.

The fee issue

Before any charges are applied, the 33% is the amount received. Add in the fees and things get even worse. According to data, $100 earners could expect to pay 72.5% (or 157.5%) of their sales in fees. This amounts to an average of 100.5%, leaving them with a net loss of $0.50. These charges are applicable to both low-income earners as well as those in the top 1 percent. It is difficult to create an NFT. Because most NFTs are created, bought, sold and created using Ethereum, the gas fees for creating one are very high. Rarible analytics data suggests that an NFT created on Ethereum would cost around $98.69. NFT collections, however, will run you approximately $900.

The Best Alternative

NFTuloan liquidity

NFTuloan is the platform where NFT owners can make money and offer nft liquid. NFTuloan’s automated marketplace maker (AMM) will issue an ERC-721 token. This token will show your share of total pool funds. You can quickly liquidate your liquidity pools position by selling the NFT. The NFT can also be used as collateral to obtain loans or other financial services.

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