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Data is everything in today’s world and the internet would be the next fuel in our globe. All kinds of data and tasks are done with the help of the internet. Be it surfing stuff over the web, downloading anything, or gaming, now at present the trend is to work from home since when the pandemic hit us. Most professionals, students, and even jobless crowd of people are after the internet and need it most of the day. Be it, children or adults, everyone has been using the internet on their mobile phones or in other resources such as laptops, tabs, television, etc., at their residence as well as in their office. Tons of data has been revolving around the globe due to the internet. Thus it has been very vital to all .Also check this: Rcn Speed test

Best way to check your internet speed

You are just one click away from knowing your internet speed in no time

Step 1: Connect the Ethernet cable from the back of the modem

Step 2: Check the modem and router lights to confirm they have power and are connected to the network and your computer.

Step 3: Turn off any devices that are connected to your device but it is not in use, as multiple devices connected to your devices can slow down the internet speed as the internet is being shared by all the devices which are connected.

Step 4: Close all applications or programs which are running in the background or not.

Step 5: Every Ethernet cable has a speed limit. The user must make sure to ensure that the Ethernet cable can support the speed that one has signed up for.

Step 6: Visit  and once all the above steps are completed, it’s time to proceed with checking the internet speed by clicking the “TEST MY INTERNET SPEED” icon.


1. Several other devices being connected to the user device

2. Using an outdated computer/laptop/modem can affect the speed of the internet

3. Downloading or Uploading content with huge storage

4. Poor connectivity and old wires can block good internet speed.

5. Devices carrying the virus can slow down your device and internet as a whole.

6. If many people are trying to visit a particular site at the same time.

7. If the user exceeds the data capacity then the internet speed would gradually slow down

Well, it’s important to work with the internet without any stress, because when your internet speed gets slow, then it takes you on your nerve. When anyone sets up internet at their residence or even to recharge data in their phones, the primary thing that comes to one’s mind is internet speed. Whether you want to download data or upload them, nobody wants to witness slow internet speed which is hectic to see the loading icon go round and round in a circle.

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