Boiling Point thought after watching the film

Boiling point is a film directed by Philip balantini in 2021, starring Stephen Graham, Vincent Robinson, Alice Feetham, Jason Fleming, Hannah Walters, etc. On the busiest night of the year in London’s hottest restaurant, the charismatic chef Andy Jones tried to find a balance between personal and professional crisis. If you are interested, you can watch Boiling Point online free.

Introduction to Boiling Point’s Plot

On the busiest night of the year, in one of the hottest restaurants in London, the charismatic and bossy chef Andy Jones (Stephen Graham) is facing various personal and professional crises, threatening everything he does. He is in a state of balance. The sudden visit of a health and safety inspector made the staff nervous because the over sold attraction began to be crowded with guests. Jones scolds and cajoles all kinds of employees from time to time, trying to resolve the tension between management and employees, while meeting absurd customer needs. If you want to watch the full video for free, you can visit 4khotvideo.

Boiling Point Film Review

It’s wonderful, beautiful and bold. In an hour and a half, I only talked about a small thing, that is, the chaos of a restaurant on Christmas night, but from the front desk to the back kitchen, from customers to waiters to the chef, everyone has extended a lot of possibilities, and also created a broader narrative space in this narrow and crowded space. So many people can do more without chaos and have distinctive personalities. The atmosphere is also quite compact and in place. The conflict design is also real enough.

Everyone has their own things to deal with, warm and depressed, especially when I worked in a restaurant, I feel the same about this film. Moreover, the difficulty of handling this script is very high. It is orderly in chaos, bold and exquisite. That is, the end may be a little unclear, and the end may be a little sudden. Anyway, I like this film very much, and I also want to explore this form. I feel that it is a great test of my ability.

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