Increase Your Compliance With HIPAA Emails or Risk Fines and Other Consequences

If your organization wants to increase HIPAA email compliance in Jackson, MS, make sure everyone understands that HIPAA is a constant. Your staff must comprehend the consequences of HIPAA violations, which include enormous penalties, a loss of patient confidence, no business, and prison time. Innovative Computing Systems (ICS) administers everyday tech operations for healthcare providers and recommends that you read the following to assist your team grasp the importance of HIPAA compliance across all work processes.

The Purpose of HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) established nationwide rules to prevent patients’ information from being shared without their consent or knowledge. Since then, HIPAA has undergone significant adjustments to ensure patient privacy while also addressing societal and technical advances. However, the three HIPAA principles remain the same. 1.) Protect the privacy of health information; 2.) Secure electronic health data; and 3.) Streamline administrative processes and insurance portability.

HIPAA Violations Can Cost You Money and Your Career

Currently, the penalty for various degrees of HIPAA infractions are defined by the four tiers listed below. Remember that being uninformed that an activity is a violation does not free the person in breach of duty, nor does the length of time on the job.

Tier 1 ranges from $127 to $63,973.

Tier 2 ranges from $1,280 to $63,973.

Tier 3: $12,794–$63,973.

Tier 4: $63,973–$1,919,173.

Some parties breach HIPAA for criminal purposes, such as obtaining money through direct blackmail efforts or selling information to other parties seeking to threaten blackmail. Some offenses aim to ruin reputations. Prison sentence is imposed for deliberately breaking HiPPA. PHI is such a valuable commodity on the black market that violations of HIPAA are handled harshly, regardless of whether the party responsible violated with purpose or not.

You must ensure that everyone in your workplace takes the necessary steps to avoid any infringement. A major issue with HIPAA and anti-hacking policies in general is that employees might feel complacent since nothing awful ever happens, despite the fact that they follow tight rules. The HIPAA email guidelines listed below assist in preventing disastrous results for both your patients and your institution.

HIPAA Email Standards are Defined

HIPAA lists the following standards for HIPAA email compliance. All of it revolves on how to properly share Protected Health Information (PHI).

First, you must limit who has access to PHI. All PHI communications must be monitored. When the PHI is at rest, you must maintain its integrity. Next, you must attempt to keep the message accountable. During transmission, the PHI must be protected against unwanted access. Maintaining HIPAA procedures guarantees that patients and coworkers can rely on you to offer high-quality digital maintenance.

Contact ICS for Assistance With Your Healthcare Daily Technology Processes

Contact ICS if you want assistance with HIPAA email compliance. ICS offers cloud services and other everyday tech procedures to healthcare providers who want HIPAA compliance in relation to digital tech processes. The sooner you call ICS, the sooner you will realize your institution is no longer in danger. ICS looks forward to speaking with you shortly.

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