LinkedIn find by email: how to find a specific specialist or company manager

Protecting identity and sensitive data in a digital world is nearly impossible. But many professionals and executives who make management and financial decisions are in the midst of an information storm. They are bombarded daily with a barrage of offers, calls, and data. That is why, being present in the digital world, they tend to limit themselves from external contacts and new information. Contacting such people directly is very difficult. LinkedIn find by email helps solve the problem of finding relevant data and break through with a targeted message, even though thousands of voices of advertising offers and spam.

How to find the real business email address of the company head or manager

It’s not an easy task, but it’s doable. Even better is to find such addresses for all potential contractors who make decisions about buying and concluding agreements, work on business proposals. That is, to form a pool of addresses that will be 99.99% targeted and useful to both the sender and the recipient of the message.

Such a task can be handled in different ways:

– search with the help of a specialist hired for the task;

– creation of a separate workplace in the company for the implementation of Internet marketing solutions;

– using the capabilities of specialized online services.

To search for the right addresses and contacts, you should hire a specialist, that is, get consulting assistance on outsourcing. A plus of such a solution is the speed of obtaining data and its quality. The disadvantage is the need to update this information from time to time and to hire a specialist for considerable money. And there are no guarantees that this investment is guaranteed to pay off.

The second option is to hire a full-time employee of the company who deals specifically with this area of the company’s marketing. The advantage of such a solution is the quality and relevance of the information. Minus – to load a specialist with work you need to handle a large number of orders, which not only a startup, but also a business that has been operating for more than one year, will not always be able to find in the necessary volume.

Something in between hiring an outside specialist and the ongoing cost of an in-house specialist can be the search for contacts using online services such as Reply. Here you can automate all the manual work and concentrate your efforts on selecting only the right clients. Such work can be done by the manager or the owner in the initial stages. Or delegate it to an ordinary marketer, who is not a highly qualified specialist in the IT industry.

With the narrow focus of most markets and the transition to a rigid segmentation of the sales market, it is best to start with online services and, if necessary, move on to the formation of a department that will search and communicate through social networks with counterparties, expanding the base of potential buyers and customers of products.

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