The Top Most Email Scraper Software

Email scraper is the software that extracts emails from webpages, social media, and folders. We can use this software by installing it on the devices or using its extension. We can work with this software to collect online and offline mode information. The Email scraper software gathers all types’ of information like emails, phone numbers, and other contact information. LetsExtract Email Scraper, which helps save time for the marketers. The marketers get the information through this software without providing any effort. It also filters your search results by limiting them.

Now we can see the top 4 email scraper provide the best services in this field.

  1. Zoominfo: It is like the phone directory containing all email addresses extracted from the websites. This software collects the information legally for business purposes. It also creates profiles from the public profile. This public profile includes the business people and companies. After collecting the data, it will merge with other sources of the same information. It is the best option for enterprise-level sales prospects. The best slogan used by the high-level executive in the sales section is let’s extract email scraper.
  2. This software is an integrated platform that gets data from the source of LinkedIn integration. It has both the paid and non-paid versions of this software. In the free version, you can get 150 contact details for a month. The paid version of the software the plan starts from $49 to $299 per month. This software looks for a business email address from the LinkedIn profile, and it is legally approved. You can also use the chrome extension to use the scraper. The installation for the extension in the chrome browser is easy. Click the extension icon in the Chrome browser, search for and click install it. The scraper icon appears near the search bar, and it will automatically do its work.
  3. Octoparse: This software is the modern visual extension software that helps get contact data from the website. Both experienced and non-experienced people can use this software comfortably. For extracting contacts, there is no need for coding on some websites. From social media, the software collects the information. The software stores the data in CSV, EXCEL, and PDF. This type of work is not illegal when it is not use for fraudulent activities.
  4. Rocket Reach: This software is more complex to use. This software helps to get accurate and correct information from the website. The chrome extension supports all types of web pages to collect the data. It fits high-level companies like Google and Facebook. Rocket reach fine-tunes the slogan, let’s extract email scraper at a high cost. You can deactivate your rocket reach account at any time. You can remove your name from the list of rocker reach by sending them a request mail. All our information is available on social networks. We upload some of our contact details during the login time in the social network. So only they can get our contact number easily.

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