Are you trying to cut your data costs? Are you interested in the advantages of and use your own RCN-compatible modem? We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of having to use your own modem, evaluate the costs and potential savings, and offer some pointers about what to look for when purchasing a modem of your own Check out our list of the top RCN compatible modems if you’re looking for recommendations. Starting off, let’s give a quick rundown of RCN’s internet providers. Find some of the top rcn compatible routers here.

RCN Internet Services Summary

One of those little local internet service providers is RCN. These companies are frequently praised for offering superior customer support as well as overall service quality compared to big internet providers. The ideal example is RCN.


Six states—New York, Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley), Philadelphia, Illinois (Chicago), and the DC metro area—offer RCN’s cable broadband service. It is accessible to even more than four million people and it has more and over 1 million customers.

Within these locations, RCN also provides fiber broadband service, however, the fiber is only available to companies (in more than 270 zip codes).

Pricing and plans

The promotional valuations and RCN internet plans are quite alluring. The price levels and broadband plans you can choose from will vary depending on where you live, and yet they all share one common element: RCN plans are extremely affordable. RCN offers promotional prices that are generally less expensive than those of larger competitors. The maximum speed available in every location is 1Gig. The slowest speed will differ depending on the area. The actual speed is only 50 Mbps in some places. The slowest speed in some is 250 Mbps.

RCN’s upload speeds are significantly slower than their download speeds as we’re having a discussion regarding cable broadband service. If you require symmetrical speeds for just about any reason, see if your area has an ISP that provides fiber service.

Costs for RCN will remain low over a year. They will greatly increase, almost doubling, after that. You will still pay very little than someone with a subscription to almost the same internet package with a larger ISP, despite the price increase. For instance, Spectrum’s promotion price for the 1Gig plan is $110.

Data caps

RCN internet plans don’t have data caps, unlike those of many other ISPs. You don’t have to be concerned about your month-to-month data usage or overage charges because all RCN plans include unlimited data. If you frequently use the internet, that could result in substantial financial savings for you. Therefore, in our opinion, this is a major plus for RCN.


There is no obligation for you to register a term agreement. There aren’t any contracts for a year or two. Sure, signing a contract will probably result in a nice discount, but you would also have to come to terms with cancellation fees in the event that you need to keep moving, but nobody really likes those expenses.

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