7 Kitchen essentials for a perfectly functional kitchen

Whether it’s mending a broken heart, soothing your hunger pangs, calming your kids’ tantrums, or connecting with your friends and family, hood food always saves the day and makes moments special.

On the other hand, imagine your kitchen cabinet lacking essential kitchen accessories. Not having the right tableware can bust your mood and the me-time over pasta and wine. While the gas stove is essential in every kitchen how to decide if you will need the sandwich maker?

Story of every kitchen, either you lack even the essential kitchen tools or you have more than what you need. If you have caught yourself in the same dilemma of “wanted” and “needed” kitchen tools you are not alone. Above all, if you are recently shifted to a new home, enjoy cooking, or have recently developed your love towards kitchen experiments picking the list of essential kitchenware can get trickier.

To help you on your journey to ecstatic cooking here we have laid the list of kitchen essentials you can start with.

1. Non-stick cookware

Every kitchen needs a set of non-stick cookware for breakfast duty every morning as from eggs and pancakes to South Indian breakfast are best cooked on a non-stick frying pan. Whether you are craving continental or making a hot Indian curry, no one likes to see the ingredient sticking at the bottom while the water keeps boiling on the surface. This is why seasoned chefs prefer to use a non-stick saucepan.

If you have guests over more often you might have experienced the pain of cooking a larger quantity of rice and gravies in small pots. A right-sized non-stick cooker can solve this problem for once and for all helping you cook large meals in seemingly less time.

Most brands offer this non-stick cookware in a set that comes at affordable prices. However, if you rather choose a saucepan and cooker from different brands, you can buy solo cooking utensils instead of a set.

2. Grinder

Talk about easy cooking with delicious texture nothing can make kitchen life simpler than a grinder. Whether it’s a ginger garlic paste for everyday cooking or grinding ingredients to the finest texture for restaurant-style coconut chutney a grinder does the job well within minutes.

And if you are high on homemade Indian cuisines, you will hardly find a recipe that doesn’t require a mixer grinder to perfect the taste and the texture of your desired dish. You will find a variety of mixer grinders with different styles, functions, features, and capacities. Choose the one that best suits your needs within a budget.

3. Kitchen knives

Have you ever watched a cooking show? If yes, you must have noticed the set of knives the chefs use to cut and chop ingredients with a motor speed! Well, if you have been thinking those knives are there just for the show-off, think again.

Every knife in the set of kitchen knives has a different purpose, for example, smaller knives are used for more delicate cutting jobs that big knives won’t do. However, if you running on a tight budget go for a chef’s knife that can get 90% of your cutting and chopping job done in the kitchen.

A chopping board is another kitchen essential that must accompany your delicate task of cutting ingredients to perfection without harming yourself and your kitchen counter. Investing in good quality large enough chopping board will help you save more time on busy mornings and bustling evenings when you are in hurry to prepare breakfast, lunch for school, an office tiffin box, or a three-course meal for guests.

4. Tableware

Whether you are showing your work at the conference meeting or serving food at home, it all comes down to presentation. And a stylish set of dinnerware and spoon set is what you need for a perfect serving.

You should have enough plates, bowls, and spoons stocked in your kitchen cabinet at least for six people. Consider buying a set of casseroles and spoon sets with large and small plates and spoons. Moreover, if you have a dining table at home or are considering buying one add table runner, coasters, and cutlery to the list as well.

Lastly do not forget the last essential for serving – a set of different sizes of trays – to your list of kitchen essentials.

5. Sandwich maker

If you prefer bread butter over toast with your morning coffee, have a fetish for a grilled sandwich as a 4.00 pm snack, or have kids at home who often throw food tantrums, a sandwich maker can come to your rescue in every situation.

Even if you are not so high for grilled stuffed sandwiches, you can grill plain bread like a toast with less oil or butter than you would require in a toaster. Thus, most homemakers and health lovers choose to replace their toasters with sandwich makers.

Moreover, who can resist a stuffed sandwich with your favorite veggies, mayo, and cheese inside, roasted to brown perfection and served hot on a plate with mustard or chili sauce dip! If you crave such kitchen scenes for every morning and tea time, a sandwich maker makes a must choice for your kitchen.

Baking essentials

Do you enjoy baking often? If so, you might want to invest in some good quality baking essentials to ensure your holiday baking with your kids or late-night batching is baked to perfection.

Here are baking essentials to should have handy in your kitchen, other than an oven, of course!

6. Baking sheet pans

A baking sheet pan or baking tray is a flat rectangular metal pan that you can often use for roasting and baking food in the oven. Thus, if you are making a cookie batch for holidays or kids’ parties or a quick tossing of vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, a baking sheet pan will be your kitchen bestie for indulged baking or quick-cooking.

This also, makes perfect for a minimalist kitchen. Make sure you at least have two right-sized baking sheet pans so you can indulge in the joy of perfectly textured cooking and batch baking.

7. Glass baking dish

Another must-have kitchen utensil for a minimalist kitchen is a glass baking dish. These kinds of dishes are perfect for baking and as they are microwave -safe you can also use them to pre-cook vegetables in the microwave.

Glass baking dishes especially come in handy when you are in hurry and want perfectly cooked vegetables in the microwave and have your gas stove and oven occupied with other cooking activities.

Wrapping up

Cooking is an art of ingredients and the science of measuring. Just as sautéing and frying the ingredients in the right amount and at the right cooking temperature changes the texture, having the essential kitchen utensils and appliances makes all the difference between good and delicious.

With this list of essential kitchenware, you can start stocking up your kitchen for your kind of food fest and enjoy cooking and serving home-cooked meals with ease and elegance.

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