How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?

The increased usage of mobile phones has made it easier for many people to communicate wherever they are in the world. With just one click on applications like Telegram, people can effortlessly talk through texts or calls. For businesses, communicating on mobile phones has streamlined many business-critical functions. Employees from various departments can easily exchange messages to help the company grow.

Because of the expanded use of mobile phones for business-related communications, governments and regulatory boards across the world have required enterprises to consider all business-related messages or calls as valid business records. The regulations aim to use the communication data for transparency and compliance purposes. This is why mobile Telegram archiving solutions became more of a necessity for many companies.

Mobile archivers help companies prepare for unannounced audits and inspections by efficiently archiving and arranging all mobile communication information in an archiving server. With a robust classification system, the employees can quickly retrieve information once they need to.

The mobile archiving solution must cover a wide array of functions such as mobile messaging, telegram call recording, MMS, and IMs. Moreover, it should be able to support multiple network carriers to prevent operation failures due to varying networks and mobile operating systems. This will ensure that the mobile archiving tool is effective for the campaign that the company is doing.

Apart from ensuring seamless operations and compliance with the authorities, having a compelling mobile archiver can also prevent cybercriminals from getting hold of classified data. Hackers use a complex mixture of advanced technology and social engineering to penetrate corporate networks. Having a top-notch mobile archiver can prevent bad actors from taking advantage of your internal mobile communications.

To learn more about how to determine if the mobile archiver POC is successful and how it helps comply with the regulatory guidelines, check this infographic from TeleMessage. How-To-Determine-If-A-Mobile-Archiver-POC-Is-Successful

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