Social security disability benefits and presumptive disability – All you need to know

Being disabled doesn’t make you any less capable but it surely is a hurdle in accomplishing tasks due to the difficulties you face. A social security disability benefit is a type of financial assistance provided by the government to individuals who qualify under their disability criteria. It allows the government to fix parameters to check whether someone is eligible to receive financial benefits. On the other hand, a presumptive disability is a provision which allows people with certain medical conditions to receive financial assistance faster and without going through any standard disability determination process. Read ahead to know more about social security disability benefits and presumptive disability

What is the social security disability benefit?

An individual who has some medical condition or any disability is eligible to receive monetary help from the government in case they are unable to work or receive credits for their efforts. It is a government provision that allows individuals to prevent their medical documentation and qualify for the determination process to enroll for the provision,

What is a presumptive disability?

There are certain medical conditions such as ALS, cancer and HIV/AIDS which are treated as special medical disabilities and individuals suffering from them are easily enrolled for the financial assistance provisions. They don’t have to go through any determination process in case they have the right documentation proving their conditions.

Who determines the list of disabilities?

Since such financial benefits are provided by the government, they decide which medical conditions are treated as a disability. The disability list allows people to identify if they can apply to receive financial assistance programs and what are the documentations that they need to present.  

Do individuals who are not on the list apply?

Yes, it is possible for people with disabilities not mentioned on the list to apply for financial assistance. However, the qualification process may be lengthy and complicated. You may need to go through extra screening to prove how your condition makes you apply for disability benefits. 

If you are unable to work due to any disability and are seeking financial assistance for the long term, then applying for the social security disability benefit is the right option. It offers important financial assistance that can help you cover the monetary gap created due to your disability. Keep your documentation in place to get through the determination process smoothly and prevent any delay. Social Security disability benefits will help you in receiving what you are entitled to. The government will examine your medical reports and work history to determine if you are the right applicant. So, if you have been emotionally and financially struggling because of your disability then you can enroll for disability benefits. 

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