Surprising way purchased views grew our niche account

If you’re trying to grow a presence on TikTok for your business, brand, or personal account, you’ve probably heard the conventional wisdom that buying views is a bad idea. The common narrative is that purchased views are low-quality, don’t help engagement, and even get you penalized by TikTok’s algorithm.

Starting from scratch

Like many entrepreneurs, we were excited about the potential of TikTok but struggling to get any traction initially. Despite posting high-quality videos showcasing our unique craftsmanship and beautiful designs, we were only seeing 20-30 views per video – hardly enough to drive sales or grow our fan base. Tried engaging on the platform, using relevant hashtags, and optimizing our content, but we couldn’t seem to break through that initial low view count. The TikTok algorithm buried us among the millions of other pieces of content. That early stagnation was incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. It started to feel like no matter how hard we worked; TikTok would never surface our content to meaningful audiences. That’s when we started exploring alternatives.

Buying our first views

After dismissing the idea of buying views for months, we finally decided to give it a try as a last-resort experiment. We found a reputable service offering high-quality TikTok views from real users and decided to purchase a package of 10,000 views to boost one of our latest videos. Within a couple of days of those initial purchased views rolling in, we started to see a remarkable shift. That single video with bought views received over 1,000 organic views and real user engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares. It was the first time we had seen metrics like that on TikTok. What we realized is that purchasing those initial 10,000 views had kickstarted the TikTok algorithm’s perception of our content as engaging and high-quality. With that first taste of success, we were finally escaping the black hole of low views. Buy TikTok views atĀ in visit the website.

Accelerating returns

  1. In the 6 months of this experimentation, we saw a breakthrough point where the TikTok algorithm started working heavily in our favor.
  2. Our average views per video skyrocketed from the double digits to the tens of thousands – sometimes even hundreds of thousands – with virtually no promotion. We were going viral regularly thanks to the relevance signals we had built up.
  3. Nowadays, we rarely have to purchase views at all. Our large, engaged audience and strong account metrics do most of the work in surfacing our content to new users.
  4. But we know we never would have reached this stage without those initial strategic purchased views to break the algorithm’s ice. Buying views served as the crucial first push that got our flywheel spinning and built momentum for long-term organic growth.
  5. Looking back, spending a few thousand dollars on quality views was by far our best marketing investment. It allowed us to tap into TikTok’s incredible scale and build a thriving community of real fans and customers.

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