The Best Airtag Uses To Try

The AirTag is not an iPhone and cannot interact with the Find My app or network independently. Instead, it uses Bluetooth to link up with other gadgets in the Find My network. In order for Find My to return any results, a Bluetooth-enabled device must be in close proximity to the misplaced AirTag. On the other hand, that’s where AirTag really shines. You can do an Apple airtag price comparison (เทียบราคา เคส airtag ทุกรุ่น, term in Thai) online.

Locate a missing minor or senior family member

Both young children and older relatives with memory problems can wander out without warning. In case they become lost, you may quickly locate them by attaching a tracker in an AirTag case on their wrist or belt. Even if they don’t fully comprehend what’s happening, you should always tell them that you’re going to be placing a tracker on them and why.

Just Throw One In Your Bag

Most of us never leave the house without our daily carryall, be it a handbag, backpack, laptop bag, or something else else. We’d be devastated to lose any of these bags, which typically contain cash, computers, and headphones. We advise placing an AirTag in a zippered interior compartment to safeguard these things. It is recommended that you store your AirTag on a key clip located in a zippered interior compartment of your bag.

AirTags ensure that your import package arrives safely

When you can use AirTag to safeguard your shipment, there’s no reason to take the chance of losing something valuable or important. Make sure your AirTag is in Lost Mode and tuck it away with the rest of your couriered items. Now, you can monitor your shipment via the Find My app even if the tracking URL your courier agent provided you with doesn’t.

Wheeled Vehicles and Wheeled Transport

Bikes are easy targets for thieves, but with an AirTag, your prized two-wheeler will be much harder to misplace. Electrical tape or a holder can be used to secure it in place. In the case of an automobile, the gadget can be used to track down the vehicle in a crowded parking garage or retrieve it from a would-be thief. It’s as simple as putting it on the dashboard, which is yet another reason why Apple products are so popular.

Use AirTags as a surprise for your consumers

You can mark lost Apple airtag to keep track of where you hid rare items or exclusive gifts. Allow the shopper to either have their phone vibrate when they get close to an AirTagged product, or give them free reign to search the store for it.

Quickly Pack Up and Leave the House

People who need corrective lenses may spend a significant portion of their lives searching for their glasses. On a sunny day, if you forget your sunglasses at home, you can end up squinting at the road instead of being able to see it clearly. Put an AirTag on your glasses case if you’re tired of rummaging around the house for them every morning before you go.

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