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Synchronicity is a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, NC that has been in business for over 20 years, providing B2B and B2C clients with high-quality branding, bespoke site development, efficient digital marketing services, and marketing and revenue operations to help them succeed in the online marketplace. In the years we’ve been in business, we’ve developed lasting bonds with many of our customers and employees.

Companies are encouraged by Synchronicity to realize their full potential via the use of user-friendly website design and effective digital marketing methods. To give companies a jolt, we inject them with strategic marketing advice and a tireless commitment to excellence. Our work helps companies become recognized as leaders in their field.

We take great satisfaction in maintaining an approachable, modest, and genuine manner while interacting with our valued customers. Simply put, we think it is imperative that you be heard. Our ears are always open here at Synchronicity.

We base our strategy for digital marketing on the understanding that each company has its own traditions, difficulties, and aspirations.

Whether it’s site design, e-commerce development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management, or marketing automation, we always start with one question. Will our work improve a client’s business?

Take Note!

With the knowledge we’ve gained, we’ve compiled some suggestions on how to enhance your marketing strategy.

  • Advice & Marketing Know-How: Business writing is something we like doing and it is always designed for search engine optimization.
  • Downloadable educational whitepapers to help you become a better marketer.
  • Promotional films that actually help: Find Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Website Development and Advertising.

Assistance From Us

Promoting Products Through the Internet

When you work with us, we’ll devise innovative digital marketing techniques that will take your company to new heights. While there is no failsafe method to ensure a return on investment (ROI), our extensive testing and planned multi-channel digital marketing have yielded impressive results for our clients. Our all-encompassing method incorporates search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing automation to help your company achieve its objectives.

Creating and Maintaining Websites

With over 120 years of expertise between us, we know what it takes to create a unique website for you. We will determine the best and worst places for user interaction in order to create improved design concepts based on our findings. Every design and website we create is optimized for search engines and uses the latest user experience design trends to set your company up for success.

Computerized Marketing and Sales Process Automation

We will assist you bring your sales and marketing teams together via the use of marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software to create a synergistic force that will increase your company’s income and expansion. Using automated lead follow-up and nurturing, you can maximize on leads’ curiosity and keep your brand in their minds. Additionally, you may collect vital information from customers and potential customers, learn more about your target demographics, and spot growth opportunities for your company.

Identity and Branding

A company’s brand is its bond to its clientele. You need straightforward principles, statements, and experiences that set you apart from the competition in an increasingly digital environment. Brand strategies that integrate human connection with technological advancements are more crucial now than ever.

Methods We Use


Through in-depth investigation, we learn about your company and its aims. We learn about your business and its needs by asking specific questions about your present and potential clientele, internal processes, and the competitive landscape.


Following the completion of the discovery phase and any extra research conducted by our team, we will reunite to begin developing your customized plan. Starting with your company’s goals, the demands of your intended market, and the value you offer, we expand upon them.


For this reason, we tailor each strategy we develop to the specific needs of our customers, as no two firms are the same. The strategies and channels that make up your strategy are the best bet for achieving your goals.

Metrics and Reporting

Metrics and reporting are the blood of a successful digital marketing strategy, so make sure to get them in place. We use monthly and annual data to not only measure and report results to our clients, but also to find places where we can do better and learn how to make the most of our most successful channels and strategies to generate even more impressive outcomes.

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