The Use, Application, and Benefits of Using the Best Payroll Software  

What is a Payroll?

A payroll is a process of going through the document containing a list of all the employees working in a company, their salary details, the number of hours they have worked, other benefits to which the employees are entitled and calculating the amount payable to each employee, keeping every aspect in mind.

How is Payroll different from Salary?

While salary is the money that is paid to the employee by the employer, Payroll is the process of calculating the payable amount after all the necessary additions and deductions.

What is Payroll Software?

A Payroll System is software that makes the entire process of calculating the employee’s salary, keeping in mind the tax deduction and any other deductions and additions that need to be done, very easy for the employer.

While calculating an employee’s salary every month, an entire process takes place, which includes-

  • Tracking of employee’s working hours
  • Calculating wages
  • Tax deduction
  • Printing cheques
  • Delivering Cheques
  • Paying insurance carriers
  • Payment of employment taxes to the government

And there might be more or fewer things to include in the list depending on the organization you are working with and the country you are working in, as every country has their own set of rules and regulations regarding taxes and payment to employees.

Now, this entire process, including so many steps, can be done efficiently and accurately with the help of Payroll software, so the chances of error are reduced to a great extent.

Benefits of Payroll Software

·  Accuracy

With so much to take care of, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage it all together and also to do everything on time. Using payroll software (ระบบ payroll. Term in Thai), let the employers or the department of the company be responsible for releasing salaries every month, and give accurate salaries to employees on time, every time.

· Transparency

With a link to other departments of the company like finance and accounting, the track of the company’s money, profit or loss helps the company to stay on budget and make wise decisions in favour of the company’s profitable future.

·  Flexibility

Every region has their own set of rules, so in case of opening another office of the company in some different region, employee’s details need not be entered again. The software updates it all according to the change in the rules.

· Saves time

The tedious and time taking process of calculating salary, the addition of bonus, deduction of taxes, keeping track of working hours, holiday pay and other things are done in a far less time and in a more accurate manner. This time which is saved, can be used in some productive way for the growth of the company.

· User Friendly

The payroll software is designed in a way that you don’t need any expertise to use it. A person with zero experience in using the software can also use it efficiently.

· Payment by the preferred choice of the employee

The software is not just useful for the employer but for the employee to, as it makes them sure that the right amount is paid on time via their preferred payment mode.

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